A shiny blackberry and a lot of reflected objects.

This blackberry has a lot of reflected objects. Sure, I could have simplified it into basic spheres, but I liked the look of the blackberry as a whole and decided to accept the challenge of some reflections. I kept my lightest values light on this blackberry to give a sharper contrast giving the berry a little more life. Be sure to head over to my patreon page to pick up a copy of the line art, and the reference photo I used.

Watch the time lapse or skip down for more.


I used a lot of black to bring out the shape of this blackberry. But black wasn’t the only color I used. I needed to add purple to the black in order to give the black a deeper color and richness. Without the purple, the black would have looked flat. Not really the effect I would have wanted with a rounded object. So adding purple into the black gave me the depth I wanted without the flatness that black can impart.


This little blackberry shows to much of the room and surrounding area despite being against a white background. There is the photographers light stand, a window, a door, and the strawberry and cherry that were cut from this particular photo but available in other shots. I opted to go with the reflections but I might go ahead and do another version without. The reflections were an interesting part of this blackberry.


This was not a simple little blackberry, not with all the reflections added into the mix. I didn’t realize this tiny little berry would have reflected so many objects. I began by blocking in the darkest shadows between each globule in black or purple before moving onto cold gray to block in the reflected areas. I kept the highlight white by using white (or cream) over the area. I initially used cream but after blending, some of the gray carried over onto the cream and made it darker than I wanted so I switched over to white. It wasn’t a big deal but now I know for next time.


I had to layer a lot with the black and purple to get the color deep and rich. Blending with solvent does sometimes dilutes the color requiring more layers to bring the color back up to a saturated state. This was the case with the blackberry and especially the darkest areas. This little berry had some challenging moments but with enough layering, I feel that I got the berry to finally come together.

What’s next?

You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Patreon. I’m currently working on another tulip, in yellow and orange. Let me know in the comments if you followed along and how it turned out.

Equipment (amazon affiliate links)

Colors used:

  • White 101
  • Ivory 103
  • Cadmium Yellow lemon 205
  • Dark Red 225
  • Mauve 249
  • May Green 170
  • Red Violet 194
  • Terracotta 186
  • Naples Yellow 185
  • *Brown Ochre 10% 832
  • Brown Ochre 182
  • Walnut Brown 177
  • Cold Grey V 234
  • Cold Grey II 231
  • Black 199
    An asterisk indicates a luminance color.

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